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  Not in Our Town Northern California presents four stories that look at five communities dealing with and responding to hate violence. With this Educator Guide, you can build a unit around the entire film or you can focus on one or more of the individual Educator Modules. The modules are eight to 20 minutes long and can easily be incorporated into your classroom curricula. The lesson plans in this Educator Guide are presented in the order that the modules are listed here. The four modules are: “STAGING A RESPONSE TO HATE,” Newark, Calif., 2002—After a transgender teen is killed by local youth in the suburban community of Newark, high school students, residents and civic leaders struggle with how to deal with a brutal and preventable crime. “SUMMER OF HATE,” Sacramento and Redding, Calif., 1999—Sacramento mobilizes after the worst anti-Semitic attacks in the California capital’s history; Redding citizens find new strength in diversity after a prominent gay couple is murdered. “REVERSING VANDALISM,” San Francisco, Calif., 2000—The San Francisco Public Library turns the mutilation of gay-themed books into an opportunity for creative community action. “WELCOME SIGNS,” Anderson, Calif., 2004—The residents of the Shasta County town of Anderson join forces to make their values clear when a cross is burned on an African American family’s lawn.
Not In Our Town II is an excellent catalyst for discussion about how ordinary people can take proactive, community-based approaches to preventing and dealing with hate crimes and intolerance. The Not In Our Town II Video and Viewing Guide provides a dynamic resource that helps teachers and event organizers raise awareness, create dialogue and inspire action around these timely and challenging issues. The comprehensive 24-page guide was developed by teachers to support learning in many curriculum areas including: History/Social Studies, Literature/English, National Civics Standards, National Standards for U.S. History, Analytical/Critical Thinking Standards, Interpersonal Skills, Study Skills, Writing and Listening/Speaking.
Not In Our Town is an excellent catalyst for discussion about racial tolerance and diversity.  "Watching Not In Our Town Together" is a dynamic resource that helps teachers and event organizers facilitate dialogue about these timely and challenging issues. The comprehensive 16-page Not In Our Town viewing guide was developed by teachers and is designed to support subjects including: civic responsibility, the bill of rights, diversity, multi-cultural issues, prejudice reduction, and conflict resolution. Accepted for Grade 11 Social Studies in California, it is appropriate for History/Social Studies, Civics, U.S. History, Literature and English classes. The guide provides thoughtful lessons plans and innovative activities designed to help students strengthen their analytical, interpersonal, study, writing, speaking and listening skills. It also includes a bibliography and resource list. This lesson is part of the Not In Our School Video Action Kit, a comprehensive toolkit featuring films, lessons, and resources designed to motivate students to speak out against bullying, and create new ways to make their schools safe for everyone.