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Not In Our Town II Video Viewing and Discussion Guide

Not In Our Town II is an excellent catalyst for discussion about how ordinary people can take proactive, community-based approaches to preventing and dealing with hate crimes and intolerance.

The Not In Our Town II Video and Viewing Guide provides a dynamic resource that helps teachers and event organizers raise awareness, create dialogue and inspire action around these timely and challenging issues.

The comprehensive 24-page guide was developed by teachers to support learning in many curriculum areas including: History/Social Studies, Literature/English, National Civics Standards, National Standards for U.S. History, Analytical/Critical Thinking Standards, Interpersonal Skills, Study Skills, Writing and Listening/Speaking.

Program goals of the lessons include: exploring community structures that support diversity and resist intolerance; examination of the forces that influence the creation of prejudice; understanding how hate groups target individuals and groups; learning how communities can respond to hate crimes and acts of intolerance, and relating concepts explored in the video to the viewer's own school or community.

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