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break bullying

One of our videos was just featured by Upworthy! Check it out and join us in taking the pledge to stand against bullying, bigotry, and hate.     Watch the video and contribute to the lively conversation at Upworthy's Facebook post and sign the Not In Our Town pledge!  
Bully Project: Not In Our School Launched in the Philippines They call themselves “a community of ex-bystanders in the Philippines who have made the decision to take a stand.” This month, they launched a combined Bully Project and Not in Our School campaign to raise awareness about the issue of bullying in the Philippines. By joining the campaign, each individual makes a promise: “I will not be a bully, I will help the bullied, and I will speak up about bullying.” They have over 537 likes on Facebook so far! You can check out their Facebook fan page here. 
Not In Our School “Break Bullying” PSA featured on CNN website! The NIOS anti-bullying PSA, “Break Bullying,” now has more than 39,000 views! CNN re-posted the video along with a blogpost on their “Schools of Thought” blog, featuring excerpts from an interview with the film’s creator, Mike Nelson. The news giant was impressed with the PSA, calling it a “gut-wrenching” portrayal of bullying that will hopefully make the cruel reality of childhood bullying more salient to adults. You can watch the PSA on CNN’s blog.A Thin Line: MTV National Bullying Prevention Month
October is National Bullying Prevention Month. NIOS is joining organizations across the country that are taking a stand against bullying. Not In Our School is kicking off National Bullying Prevention Month with a powerful anti-bullying public service announcement, “Break Bullying” (above) donated to Not In Our Town by MAKE, a professional ad agency.  The PSA depicts adults in an office environment re-enacting the director’s personal bullying experience from middle school. His point: If we would not stand for this in the office, why do we stand for it happening to kids in schools? It is a call to action for everyone to take bullying seriously.  Students and teachers alike are reporting visceral responses to the PSA. You will hear a few bleeps—but those bleeps, unedited, are what kids experience daily in their schools.  Join the thousands who are taking action during bullying prevention month.  Post this video on your Facebook page, share the link with your friends, speak up and stand up to bullying in your community.