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National Bullying Prevention Month: Week 3 Favorites

CNN Schools of Thought blogNot In Our School “Break Bullying” PSA featured on CNN website!

The NIOS anti-bullying PSA, “Break Bullying,” now has more than 39,000 views! CNN re-posted the video along with a blogpost on their “Schools of Thought” blog, featuring excerpts from an interview with the film’s creator, Mike Nelson. The news giant was impressed with the PSA, calling it a “gut-wrenching” portrayal of bullying that will hopefully make the cruel reality of childhood bullying more salient to adults.

You can watch the PSA on CNN’s blog.

MTV Draw the Line anti-bullying campaignA Thin Line: MTV National Bullying Prevention Month

MTV’s anti-bullying campaign, “A Thin Line” has been very involved in National Bullying Prevention Month, and recognizes cyberbullying as a growing issue for teenagers today. Their movement “Draw Your Line” specifically focuses on cyber and digital forms of bullying. On their site, teens can share their experiences and make a stand against digital abuse in a positive atmosphere.

Check out their campaign here. 

Authors Speak Out on Bullying for Bullying Prevention Month

In this short film, well-known authors such as Dean Koontz reflect on their experiences being bullied as children, and share how they dealt with it. This video is a great example of how prominent figures can share personal stories and experiences in order to empower others. It sends an important message to bullied children that they are not alone and that they have bright futures ahead.

Richland Elementary School
These students from Richland Elementary School in Richland, PA show that it is never too early to start initiating change! They began a Not In Our School campaign with this creative video, in which each student defines the different bullying scenarios. At the end of the video, the students come together to state that bullying is not acceptable at their school.

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