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anti-bullying strategies

BULLY hits theaters March 30th!  Please join us in helping this film reach theaters and change lives. Here is how you can help:
        "By the end of the year, the whole school was really pumped. One of the social workers in the school asked every club to take a section of the school and make it their anti-bullying zone. So the football team right away took the locker room, and the spirit club took the hallways, and so on." Gail Price, Orange High School teacher Last year, our filmmakers documented anti-bullying efforts in Gail Price's classroom in the short film, "Students Map Bully Zones to Create a Safer School." Price is a Facing History teacher at Orange High School in Pepper Pike, OH. 
A diverse audience of 150 from the Greater Salk Lake City community gathered at the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art for the Feb. 8 screening of Not In Our Town: Class Actions. KUED partnered with the Inclusion Center for Community and Justice and the Eunice Shrive Kennedy Community of Caring at the University of Utah to host the free public screening, reception, and a panel discussion of the film. Class Actions debuted on PBS on Feb. 13 and explores how students and educators in three American Communities joined together to address hate and bullying in their schools. National Community of Caring Center Associate Director Dr. David Parker shares his perspective on the screening: This documentary is closely aligned with the goals of the National Community of Caring Center. I was honored to be the opening speaker for the screening in Salt Lake City, Utah for KUED. The screening gave an opportunity for a diverse representation of members of the community to come together to explore various aspects of the “climate” regarding acts of bullying and hate.