ALPACT | Not in Our Town


Not In Our Town toured through the Detroit area screening the film "Waking in Oak Creek" and meeting with local anti-intolerance organizations, law enforcement, and educational institutions to talk about community empowerment.
Events in Ferguson, MO and elsewhere have inevitably brought to head long overdue discussions about race and community policing. [ALPACT] On the day that the St. Louis Grand Jury decided not to indict Police Officer Darren Wilson in the Ferguson, MO shooting of unarmed black teen Michael Brown, a group focused on police-community relations in Grand Rapids, MI had come together to watch and discuss the Not In Our Town documentary, Waking in Oak Creek. The group, Advocates and Leaders for Police and Community Trust (ALPACT), exists to grapple with these very issues. ALPACT started nearly 20 years ago in Detroit, when citizens complained that the city’s law enforcement officials were profiling and harassing them.