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Red Dot/Green Dot Alert

March 1, 2010 Report

Hate Violence and Community Responses

This week: Davis, CA; Montgomery, AL; Austin, TX; West Hanks, NS; San Antonio, TX; San Francisco, CA; Natchitoches, LA; Buffalo, NY

Davis, CA: Thousands attended a public meeting at the University of California, Davis in the wake of anti-gay vandalism at the LGBT Resource Center, and a swastika carved on a Jewish freshman’s dorm door. 
Montogomery, AL: Annual vigil at the state Capitol  recalls victims of 1999 murder and demands Alabama  add protection for LGBT community to its hate crime laws.
Austin, TX: More than 1,000 people, including the city’s police chief, marched in support of two gay men attacked on a downtown street; Texas law does not permit calling such attacks “hate crimes” until prosecution begins.
West Hants, Nova Scotia: Hundreds turned out for a Walk of Love Rally in support of an inter-racial couple who had a cross burned on their lawn;  two teens have been arrested in what police say is a highly unusual crime for this Canadian province, a sentiment not shared by black Canadians.
San Antonio, TX: Police officer jailed for sexual assault on a transgender woman he had arrested and handcuffed.
San Francisco, CA: Police release video of suspects in hate crime pipe attack on a transgender female and her male friend.
Natchitoches, LA: Two young men were arrested on hate crime charges for terrorizing an inter-racial couple in 2007; a third perpetrator is serving a federal sentence for the crime.

Buffalo, NY: Mother and son arrested in torture death of the woman’s own mentally disabled daughter.

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