Fronteras Begins 5-Part Series About Hate Crime Solutions Today | Not in Our Town

Fronteras Begins 5-Part Series About Hate Crime Solutions Today

Tune into this original Not In Our Town programming from our public media partners at Fronteras.

KJZZ 91.5 Enews: Changing America - the Search for Tolerance.  A Fronteras: the Changing America Desk five-part series about hate crime solutions, beginning July 23

We asked you this question in October 2011:
Does your community make you feel safe and included, or scared and marginalized?

The Fronteras: Changing America Desk has joined forces with Not in Our Town documentary producers to determine how hate affects communities throughout the Southwest and what people like you are doing about it.

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7/23 NOT ON OUR CAMPUS: Jude Joffe-Block reports on a Phoenix suburb that instituted an Anti-Defamation League training program in all of the district high schools, after a ring of teenagers who identified as white supremacists committed a series of violent assaults.

7/24 HATE CRIMES COALITION/OSCAR GARCIA: San Diego has one of the worst white supremacist problems in the U.S. We profile a police detective who works on hate crimes cases and see how cooperation with local anti-hate groups helps law enforcement identify and proscecute hate crimes.

7/25 WINGSPAN AND LGBT ISSUES ALONG THE BORDER: Life for LGBT residents living along the border is difficult, especially for Latino immigrants who often keep their sexuality a secret in fear of being ostracized. Reporter Michel Marizco investigates what a Tucson-based group called Wingspan is doing to offer support and counseling.

7/26 ALBUQUERQUE MEN OF COLOR: New Mexico regularly promotes the diversity of its Hispanic, Native American and White communities, but often leaves its African American residents shrouded in obscurity. Reporter Elaine Baumgartel tells the story of a new Men of Color initiative that is trying to empower this minority population.

7/27 ALAMO MELTING POT: San Antonio is evolving into an international metropolis with booming tech industries, which have attracted an influx of South Asians. Reporter Hernan Rozemberg explores the Alamo City to see how it’s combating hate crimes against these new residents.

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