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Students Take On Cyberbullying (3 min)

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Middle School (6-8)
High School (9-12)

Students Take On Cyberbullying (3 min)

When Facing History teachers Jamie Lott and Mary Sok asked their World Cultures class about bullying at their school, the class described the hallways as safe. But after listening to a presentation given by hate crimes task force officer Dave D'Amico, they started a discussion about the widespread problem of online bullying, and how they as a class could take the first steps toward preventing it.

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 I was scrolling through this girl's page on Instagram (I thought she was my friend) becuase her page is set up as public.  I was appalled, disgusted, and hurt when I saw a picture of the back of me that captioned how sloppy I was and looked.  I'm at a University so I thought about telling our Dean of Students on her, which would have surely got her put out.  There is a zero tolerance for bullying here.  Instead, I reported all of her pictures on Instagram.  I don't know what she is doing on her oage now since she set it up as private, but I sometimes wish that I would've got the Dean involved.  I hope that now she realizes just how much her actions can impact her, and be more cautious about things for now on!  

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