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Light in the Darkness: In Your Classroom


Not In Our Town: Light in the Darkness profiles a town standing together to take action after anti-immigrant violence devastates their community and thrusts them into the international media spotlight. 

As the people of Patchogue demonstrate, getting to know our neighbors is a key step towards healing divisions and building safety and respect for everyone.

Here are three ways you can shine a light in your school:

1. Host a screening

A screening of Light In The Darkness can help launch discussions about race, diversity, and acceptance. Use this discussion guide from Facing History and Ourselves and these resources prepared by a New York high school teacher who is screening short clips and the full-length film.

2. Join or start a group.

Connect with students and teachers who are taking action for safe, accepting, and inclusive schools.

Visit to learn about school groups near you, or to add your group to the NIOT map.

3. Share your story.

We’re always on the lookout for new stories of  young people taking a stand against bullying and intolerance. Send your ideas, activities, and events to Your school  may be featured on, or in the next NIOT documentary segment.

For more ways you can take part in the national campaign, or to submit an early request for the film and resources, please email

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