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King Burue Changes the Rules

8 year old author with a message in King Burue

King Burue Changes the Rules is a children’s story by Natalija Tatjana Bajlo. The plot focuses around an adult dilemma but is told so simply through the keen interpretation of an 8 year-old child author and advocate. The book's theme is about diversity, and it goes a step further into a lesson about embracing who you are while accepting others in the same way. You can visit the King Burue Website here.



I am in charge of character and anti bullying assemblies for grades 4-5. When I viewed the video of Natalija sharing her viewpoints and why she wrote the book, it inspired me to use this video at our assembly on November 14 at 2:30 at McKinley Elementary School in Santa Monica, Californ

It will touch so many children.I bought the book but it won't arrive on time. I will put it in the school library for teachers to share with their classes. Hopefully this will inspire others to write a book too.

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