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Adams Unity Coalition: Fighting Hate in Historic Gettysburg

Gettysburg, PA, site of the famous battle that many consider a turning point in the Civil War, is commemorated annually with festivals, military re-enactments and celebrations of the town's rich history. This month marks the 150th anniversary of the historic battle. 

Although America has become more inclusive, hate still sometimes rears its ugly head. In June 2010 the Aryan Nations came to Gettysburg to hold a rally on the historic battlefield where Abraham Lincoln delivered his most stirring defense of American democracy. The Adams Unity Coalition—a group made up of several local organizations—came together to hold their own peaceful rally across town that celebrated and embraced the diversity in their community. Check out this modern story of safety and inclusion in this video featuring the Adams Unity Coalition:



This is amazing.  Our daughter Emmalee is in the video, towards the end- waving a flag and wearing a "got hope?" t-shirt.  She is no longer with us- she died from an incurable neurologic disease in 2011.  But then again-she is with us.

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