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Lancaster, CA: A City Unites to End School Bullying

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Lancaster, CA: A City Unites to End School Bullying

On the edge of the Mojave Desert in California, educators, political leaders, and students join in a citywide Not In Our Town campaign as they face the dangers of bullying after teen suicides devastate two nearby towns. A local middle school counselor initiates this anti-bullying program for several districts with over 35,000 students where youth take the lead. This film features high school students mentoring younger students. It is the final segment in the PBS special, "Not In Our Town: Class Actions," which premiered nationally in Feb. 2012.  For more information, visit

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websites like this... i dint read much at all. understand this may be true but people who havnt a encounter dont understand.

 My son is a victim of bullying and has threaten suicide. He is continuing therapy but still continue sto be bullied. The schools arenot taking such matter seriously. H ewas threatened by students and they seem to be punishing him for being a victim. Bullying is serious an di am passionate about finding a resolution to this epidemic. I was a victim of bullying and I understand how it feels and the lasting effects of it. It's time that school administrators take responsibility and take action. Alerting the school, your family, and others will shed light on this isue. It's very important to notify someone that this is happening and communicate with your parents. Bullying is wrong an dvictims should not be treated as if they are the problem.


 Hey, I just to tell you, you are not alone. My 14 year old daughter Carol Ann has been bullied and has theatened sueicide. Although she is taking group therapy she stil continues to be bullied. I think we should figure out a way to just stop the bullying compleatly.


Im very sorry to hear your son is a victim of bulling. Nobody should ever be bullied for who they are. I personally have never been bullied but i have seen it and took action. My best firend is gay and hes not acccepted at home or school so when people are bullied and made funof everywhere they go they start to feel like they dont belong and thats not how it should be at all. I also to my hair stylist wich is a good friend of mine and she tells me all the diffrent storys about her little girl getting bullied because of her hair color and clothes and diffrent things.It is very wrong to make fun of someone. She would go and tell the teacher and princible and what would they say to her mother kids will be kids. no they need more disipline then just having a talk and saying stop 5 times. im glad to see some schools are starting to make a change i just hope eventualy it will become world wide when people wake up and stop bring eachother down. have a nice day and thank you for your time.

 I am a 37 year old mother of 5. I was bullied as a young child from the 3rd grade until my senior year. I have always had a big butt and big lips I am white but people would call me and I am so sorry for using this word I hate it but they called me nigger lips and say things like you dropped your ass its dragging behind you or pick your ass up before someone steps on it. I would come home crying many many days. I had some amazing friends that stood by me and always took up for me. Had I not had that I don't know what would have happened. People especially children do not realize how deep their words cut into someone's soul. Even though I am married and have children I still have issues with my body image because I was bullied. It is never to early to spaek to your children about bullying and not only them being bullied but their friends also. It breaks my heart to see so many gifted beautiful children killing themselves because of bullys. My heart goes out to all the parents that have suffered that devastating loss. 

Being a victim is a very wrong and also i want to say sorry  to all the bullied and the victimes that are out there and you shold know that you are not alone and dont ever think that you are there is all ways help and you do have people/ family who are out there!! If we all come together we can stop BULLYING  and someday soon we WILL!!! NEVER GIVE UP HOPE

We as teachers in secondary schools should make it clear on day one that bullying will not be tolerated in any form in our classroom. Our classrooms should be a safe place for learning and students should know that they can come to ANY teacher, counselor or administrator on campus if they are being bullied.

We do have an influx of new students that enter after day one, so the message needs to be repeated and all should be reminded about the zero tolerance for bullying throughout the school year.

We should never turn a blind eye to such behavior and need to act whenever we hear of it happening. That goes for teachers and administrators who bully students and fellow teachers. We need to respect one another.

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