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Not In Our Town: Class Actions Media Kit

Not In Our Town has compiled content that may be useful for media in conjunction with the Not In Our Town: Class Actions broadcast premiere. 

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Oakland, Calif. (Dec. 1, 2011)Not In Our Town: Class Actions profiles students and community members who are creating change in the wake of racism, anti-Semitism, and the traumatic consequences of bullying. Narrated by Yul Kwon, the half-hour documentary will debut on Feb. 13, 2012 on PBS stations. 

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These photos may be downloaded below as a .zip file. The file contains 10 hi-res photos from Class Actions. A text document with captions is also available below. 

Hate_signs_Nov98_web.jpg: Bloomington United signs went up throughout the city in November 1998 as part of a campaign against a budding hate movement. Sam Greenberg, front, and Adam Kent-Isaac planted several of the signs around Jackson Creek Middle School, part of a group from Beth Shalom that distributed them in neighborhoods and other schools. Download hi-res version.

Photo Credit: David Snodgress | Herald-Times

University of Mississippi

OleMiss1.jpg – Members of One Mississippi, a student group devoted to bridging social and racial barriers at the University of Mississippi.
Photo credit: Gary Mercer

University of Mississippi

OleMiss2.jpg — Student leaders of One Mississippi Jake McGraw and Melissa Cole and Associated Student Body President Artair Rogers.
Photo credit: Gary Mercer

University of Mississippi

OleMiss3.jpg — Student group One Mississippi leads the Ole Miss community in a “Turn Your Back On Hate” counter demonstration when the Ku Klux Klan comes to campus.
Photo Credit: William Bender

University of Mississippi

 OleMiss4.jpg — University of Mississippi students lead a “Turn Your Back On Hate” counter demonstration when the Ku Klux Klan protests on campus.
Photo Credit: William Bender 

Indiana University

Bloomington1.jpg — Civic and campus leaders activate after hate incidents on the Indiana University campus.  
Photo credit: Bloomington Herald Times

Bloomington2.jpg — Bloomington, Ind. Mayor Mark Kruzan lights Hanukkah menorah as town members gather to support the Jewish community after a series of hate incidents.
Photo credit: Aut Phanthavong

Indiana University

Bloomington3.jpg — In a show of solidarity, Rabbi Sue Silberberg receives the game ball at Indiana University after anti-Semitic attacks on campus.
Photo Credit: Indiana University Athletic Department

Lancaster1.jpg — In Lancaster, Calif., 500 students and teachers create a circle to pledge to stop bullying on their campus.
Photo credit: Anthony Lucero

Lancaster CA

Lancaster2.jpg — At Lancaster High School in southern California, students sign a pledge to end school bullying.
Photo credit: Anthony Lucero 

Lancaster CA

Lancaster3.jpg — Middle school students perform at a community-wide anti-bullying event in Lancaster, Calif.
Photo credit: Anthony Lucero


PRODUCTION/NARRATOR: Photos  (Hi-res and Web-friendly) & Bios

Not In Our Town: Class Actions executive producer Patrice O’Neill.  Download hi-res version
Photo credit: Jackson Hill Photography.

Download Production Bios

Not In Our Town: Class Actions is narrated by Yul Kwon. Kwon won the CBS reality show Survivor: Cook Islands, during 2006’s controversial, racially-segregated season, earning himself a reputation as one of the show’s most strategic and honest players. He is currently the host of a new series, America Revealed, which will premiere on PBS in April 2012. 

Photo Credit: Kenny Kim




Major support for this program is provided by PBS, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, and the Einhorn Family Charitable Trust. Additional support has been provided by the Reva and David Logan Foundation and Public Welfare Foundation.


© The Working Group, 2011

Long-form production credits:

Not In Our Town: Class Actions was produced by Charene Zalis, Adrienne Calo, and Rhian Miller for The Working Group. The program was edited by Jill Strong. Patrice O'Neill is executive producer.



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Not In Our Town: Class Actions 30-second promo

Not In Our Town: Class Actions
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Short Listing:
Not in Our Town: Class Actions features three stories of students and their communities standing together to stop hate and bullying.
Long Listing:
Not in Our Town: Class Actions features three stories of students and their communities standing together to stop hate and bullying. University of Mississippi students peacefully confront old divisions and the Ku Klux Klan by turning their backs on hate, hundreds gather on the Indiana University campus to light menorah candles after anti-Semitic attacks on campus, and a massive circle of Southern California high school students break the silence about bullying at school with a loud and united chant, “Not In Our Town.”




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