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thurston high school

Spread Peace and Acceptance at Your School: NIOS University Courses Now Available for Educators   NIOS is proud to announce two new courses for educators! Both courses guide you toward developing your own Not In Our School (NIOS) Bullying Prevention Campaign. The Dominican University course covers ways to address bullying and start a NIOS Campaign. The University of San Diego Course focuses on building a NIOS Campaign and creating a safe and caring community. Select the course that works for you! The course dates, registration links, and descriptions can be found here. NIOS Mini-Grant Funds Video and Activities at Thurston High School 
Competition was stiff for the 48 grant proposals. Proposals came from elementary, middle and high schools, not to mention a Catholic Diocese and a Jewish Yeshiva. Schools from the Northeast, South, Midwest, Southwest and Western United States all proposed impressive activities to make their schools more inclusive.