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Not In Our Town Medford-Ashland

by Pam Vavra, Peace House, Ashland, ORwith an introduction by Jim Willeford, Not In Our Town Medford-Ashland This April, after neo-Nazi organizing activity surfaced in the Phoenix, OR area, newcomer Nicole Strykowski notified the Mail Tribune about a counter-demonstration for a hate-free community taking place in downtown Phoenix. Between 120-150 anti-racist demonstrators turned out for the event and occupied one side of the street. Across the street, a small group of 4-6 Nazis in full regalia stood in SS uniforms and swastika flags. (Read the full story in “Unity in Numbers: Oregon Community Counters a Neo-Nazi Threat.”) Nicole’s courage acted as a catalyst for “connected progressives” in the area to call a follow-up meeting, which was very well attended.