Montclair | Not in Our Town


  “[…] This could very well be our campus. Allowing these kinds of acts to go on without taking a stand against them is really just like saying it is okay. It is saying these acts normal. It is saying these acts are permissible. The perpetrators who committed this act and the victims should know that it is not. We say NO! The Current believes that it is time for everyone to stand up and say something when a wrongdoing is witnessed. We can prevent acts like these in the future by doing this. It is never ok to use anti-gay slurs such as these. The Current believes there is no instance at which this behavior is appropriate. If ever in conversation you hear the word, you can stop them and let them know their behavior is not acceptable, the same way you would if any other racial or anti-religious slurs were used. Picture the students that opened that door late last month as your best friend or a member of your family. The Current believes that if every student does this, every student can incite the change necessary to stop this kind of behavior and make discrimination against the LGBT community history.” (excerpt, “Hate Crimes Cannot Hide Behind Free Speech,” March 16, 2009.)