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martin luther king jr.

In this final week of Black History Month, we share this short video featuring a middle school student's reflection on how the Civil Rights movement and the work of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is still relevant today.
Though the political landscape has changed since the Civil Rights era, Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream that this country would fulfill its promise of equality has yet to become reality. But Dr. King’s work showed this country that change is possible, and the communities in Embracing the Dream: Lessons from the Not In Our Town Movement are living proof that change is happening—town by town, school by school.  Four individual films are included in this collection. Each film is preceded by individual perspectives on Martin Luther King Jr. legacy today. You may also download the Embracing the Dream discussion guide, which is useful to spark discussion in your classroom, boardroom or lunchroom. We are so pleased that schools, churches and corporations will be incorporating these stories into their holiday lesson plans and activities.    Find the four films, "Embracing the Dream" collection here to use on this Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. federal holiday.