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Lateisha Green LGBT

On Friday, a jury found Dwight DeLee guilty of manslaughter in the first degree as a hate crime for killing Lateisha Green.  This is the first hate crime conviction for the killing of a transgender person in New York state, and only the second such conviction in the United States.  Though the trial is concluded and Lateisha’s family feels justice has been served, transgender people around the world face extremely high rates of discrimination and violence.  Posts at Transgriot, Questioning Transphobia, and Feministe address the issues of pronoun usage, the lack of protection for trans people under New York hate crime laws, and the ongoing threat of violence to transgender people. Since 2008, the murder of a trans person is reported every third day, and many of these murders go uninvestigated and unsolved (source: Transgender Europe via Questioning Transphobia). What You Can Do: