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the bully project

Bully Project: Not In Our School Launched in the Philippines They call themselves “a community of ex-bystanders in the Philippines who have made the decision to take a stand.” This month, they launched a combined Bully Project and Not in Our School campaign to raise awareness about the issue of bullying in the Philippines. By joining the campaign, each individual makes a promise: “I will not be a bully, I will help the bullied, and I will speak up about bullying.” They have over 537 likes on Facebook so far! You can check out their Facebook fan page here. 
Bullying Prevention Month has people talking and taking action across the country. Here are a couple of our favorite anti-bullying initiatives taking place this week: BULLY: Coming to 50 cities October 12!   BULLY will be coming to 50 cities on Friday, Oct. 12 in honor of Bullying Prevention Month. The documentary has been seen by more than 200,000 kids and has ignited an important discussion about bullying in schools.   To see if the movie is playing in your city, check out their blog   Facing History and Ourselves: “Upstander Contest” is on now!