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The students of Newcomers High, a school  for newly arrived immigrants, reached out to Joselo Lucero with letters  of sympathy when his brother Marcelo was killed in 2008. Two years  later, Joselo visits the school to speak to the students about what he  learned from the loss of his brother, his experiences as an immigrant,  and the difficult process of forgiveness.
From Facing History teacher Julie Mann, who is screening the full-length documentary Not In Our Town: Light in the Darkness with her students at Newcomers High School in Queens, NY.   There are two documents. The first begins discussion using several short clips available on the Light in the Darkness trailer, Joselo's Journey Part 1, Raising the Curtain on Unity and Embracing Differences, all of which can be found here.  The second document provides discussion questions for small groups after screening the full-length film.  This lesson is part of the Not In Our School Video Action Kit, a comprehensive toolkit featuring films, lessons, and resources designed to motivate students to speak out against bullying, and create new ways to make their schools safe for everyone.