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Organize a Rally or Vigil

 Engaging in peaceful protest
 I intend to run for school board on an anti-bullying platform, highlighting the very real problem of bullying and working to put anti-bullying programs in place in all the local elementary schools and others.
In response to a local pastor's preach in May 2012 that called for the extinction of homosexuals, the community of Catawba County, NC held a "love, not hate" rally. More than 1,000 people came out to show their support for love. See photos of the event here.
 We will gather in solidarity against hatred in response to an anti-Semitic vandalism incident at the synagogue.
After the assault and eventual death of Marcellus Andrews, a 19-year-old man from Waterloo, a vigil was held at the University of Northern Iowa for Andrews to mourn his death and reemphasize the importance of tolerance. About 60 people from UNI and the community attended the vigil, which was held on Aug. 25. "We decided that we needed to come together as a group, not because we're gay, not because he might've been gay, but just to support someone whose life was really lost in an unfortunate time in his life," said senior Ellie Hail, the co-president of UNI Proud, which sponsored the vigil.
A crowd of hundreds, ranging in age from 4 to 96, gathered at the West Street Playground to declare their support for refugee families in Concord, and their condemnation of racist graffiti that was written on three homes. "We are here to show our neighbors who are frightened that we will not stand by. . . . You are not refugees anymore. You are home." 
 Come out to our open prayer meeting and vigil at the Orlando International Airport on Friday, June 10th.
On May 24th, a young man was beaten by three other young men.  Police say the attack was prompted because the three thought the victim was gay. On Wednesday, May 25th, we rallied in downtown St. Cloud, near where the attack happened to support the victim, to show the GLBT community that they do have support in our town, and to show everyone that violence is not acceptable. Three friends read about the attack on Wednesday morning, and decided a response was needed. We posted an event on Facebook, and reached out to friends and GLBT support groups. We thought we might get 20 people to attend. At the start of the rally there were about 60, and it grew to about 130 people by then end. We had good coverage from the local media, and it was picked up by the AP and published in quite a few other locations.
Early this week, a young man was beaten by three other men, because they believed him to be gay.  To show support for the victim, to let the GLBT community know there is support for them in this town, and to let everyone know we don't believe this behavior is acceptable, we organized a rally near the location where it occured. We started out by posting a Facebook event, and then shared it with other local GLBT support organizations. 12 hours later, we were there, and had a great turnout, and good coverage by local media. When we first talked about it in the morning, we thought it might be 10 friends. By the time the rally ended, there were about 130 people there. Amazing what social media can do!
Lawrence King Vigil Community members welcome February 15, 2011 from 6:00 PM-9:00 PM in the Broome Library on the CSUCI campus This event, sponsored by Spectrum (the student gay/straight alliance), the Center for Multicultural Engagement, the Multicultural and Women’s & Gender Student Center, the School of Education, Student Housing, ASI, and the Center for Community Engagement, will remember and honor the life of Lawrence (Larry) King. In conjunction with the ENGL/GENDER 433 class, the event will begin at 6:00 with a movie, The Laramie Project, and discussion, and will end with a vigil outside in the library plaza.  Come join us as we call for an end to violence and harassment directed at lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people in schools and communities.  Parking on campus is limited and requires a permit, which you can purchase at kiosks around campus. Visitors are encouraged to take the Vista bus or carpool. More information at: