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Why Support Not In Our Town?

Why should you give to Not In Our Town?

We asked our donors and NIOT Network members, and here's what they have to say:


"After the firebombing of our synagogue in Sacramento I had the taste of dust in my mouth, but the community response helped me move on. You have to give back." -- Rabbi Brad Bloom



We are in a tough economic period and all around us other countries are looking at the US in a different light. With jobs and money scarce, charity and compassion for The Other seems to fall away in place of "where's mine?" or a need to exact payment for perceived or real slights. All too often that payment comes in a violent envelope. NIOT is critical in how it addresses local acts that detract us from being healthy global citizens." --Susan Estes, The Athena Fund


"Not In Our Town is an integral message of hope, a beacon in world that too often gets bogged down in the petty and the misunderstood. We need to continue this vital outreach to appeal to what our fellow Illinoisan, Abraham Lincoln, called 'the better angels of our nature.'" --Mike Matejka

I support NIOT because it has the potential to reach people across the country in a deep and profound way about the consequences of inter-group hatred, and effective means to prevent it.” --Tom O’Mara, Shasta County Citizens Against Racism

"So many times we are caught up in our own world, beliefs, and experiences and if we are not careful we can find ourselves discriminating against others just because they are different from us. [...] NIOT just reminds us that our differences is what makes us all beautiful and not standing up for that right is not an option.
--Willie Halbert

Every day here at the Not In Our Town project, we hear about violent and terrorizing attacks based on bigotry.  This is something we never get used to -- it’s always shocking.  

We talk to victims, their families and neighbors, and we know that the crimes of hate have a profound effect not only on the people who are directly harmed, but on the entire community that surrounds them.
But those who feel the pain of prejudice are not alone. There are people everywhere who want to do something about it. Not In Our Town presents their stories of hope, action and community empowerment. 

We need your support to continue this work.

You can help us continue to tell the stories that inspire and connect people in the fight against hate.

Give a gift to Not In Our Town. Donate Today.

Happy Holidays from Not In Our Town.



 It is honorable, what NIOT is doing.  However, one would suggest utilizing non-violent communication in the campaign as well.  For it seems strange to be "fighting" against hate.  Such phrasing is quite negative- to fight and to go against.  Perhaps it would be better to mention this non-profit organization is working toward neutralizing hate instead.  "Please join us in neutralizing hate."  Something worth considering.

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