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What's at Stake?

Please join us in speaking out about what's at stake and what we can do to stand up to hate. 

Dennis, Molly and Grace respond in video to 'What's at Stake?'

In the 20-year history of NIOT, the dangers of hate have never been greater than we’ve seen in the past two years. All across the country, we see the spread of hate and violence: gravestones overturned and spray painted at Jewish cemeteries, firebombed and defaced mosques, neo-Nazis marching and chanting in the streets of Charlottesville. Hate, bigotry and bias are out in the open, and erupting in cities across the U.S. 

Here at NIOT, we are focused on what we can do to stop hate together in our local communities and schools. Step one is acknowledging the harm of bigotry and ignorance, and then making a commitment to do something to stop it. 

We asked some friends of NIOT to share their perceptions and experience. They were honest and clear.  We can't be bystanders. 




In our new video campaign — “What’s at Stake?” — we want to hear from you.

- What are the acts of hate or what atmosphere of intolerance or bias do you see in the community, in the country, in the world that concerns you?

- What have you experienced that makes the fight against hate personal for you? 

- What are the positive actions that can make a difference? 

- What’s at stake for all of us if we don’t stand up together against hate? Why are you involved with Not In Our Town?

We've set up a NIOT hub on FlipGrid that makes it easy for people to record and upload your own videos, and share them with the campaign.

Visit the NIOT Flipgrid here — bit.ly/niot-whatsatstake — to watch videos and upload your own.

We hope you will participate in our campaign!



Here are the ways that you can help to spark this important conversation and support the sharing of stories, values and solutions as we continue to work together for safer, more inclusive communities.

1. Record a video. It's hard to speak up, but there is power in your voice. Please consider sharing your personal experiences in your town or school.  You can help motivate others.

Teachers and Students: Ask your class to record their views about what's at stake in the fight against hate and then upload the video to Flipgrid.

2. Share "what's at stake" on your Facebook page. Choose a video from our playlist and share it to your timeline.

3. Tweet about the campaign to show you care about what's at stake and invite your community to submit videos. Sample tweets:


Hate crimes have risen for the past two years and @NotInOurTown, a movement against hate, wants to hear from you. Share your thoughts with #NIOT via #Flipgrid and tell us “#WhatsAtStake” in the fight against hate. bit.ly/whatsatstake-NIOT

Over the past year there have been so many more instances of hatred + racism and @NotInOurTown, a movement against hate, has been mobilizing to help communities say “Not In Our Town.” Learn more: bit.ly/whatsatstake-NIOT #whatsatstake

Not In Our Town (@NotInOurTown), a movement to stop hate, wants to learn from you. How have you encountered racism or other forms of bias? What did you do and what can we do together to stop it? bit.ly/whatsatstake-NIOT #whatsatstake


4. Share NIOT videos on your blog or website!

Please let us know in the comments if you are able to support our action. We would love to hear from you!


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