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West High Students Create Multimedia Project to Tell NIOT story

West High Billings, MT
Chris Seifert, director of educational services for Montana PBS, teaches students how to conduct an interview during a class at the Billings Public Library. The students will interview people involved in the Not In Our Town movement. Photo Credit: Billings Gazette

Billings, MT students engage in a project to tell stories about Not In Our Town through video and other media, including their town’s successful efforts to stand up to white supremacist hate crimes, according to the Billings Gazette.

West High School students from a combined English and American History class began meeting twice a week in January to learn about Not In Our Town events from local activists. The students also received a crash course in journalism practices to apply to their projects.

The students will finish their training with media professional at the end of February and will then have more than two months to complete their projects. Their work will be featured at an exhibit on May 16 and at the Not In Our Town National Leadership Gathering in June.

The project is a part of the Community Storytelling Partnership, a collaboration between the heritage center, Billings Public Schools, Montana PBS, and the Billings Public Library.

Read more at the Billings Gazette.

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