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Watch 'Repairing the World' Panel at the Columbia Journalism School

White Extremism, Antisemitism and Healing

Please watch this important conversation, hosted by the Lipman Center for Journalism and Civil and Human Rights at Columbia University on Sept. 22, 2022.

"White extremism is rising in the United States and with it the violence that it brings. In 2018, a white terrorist shouting anti-Semitic slurs shot and killed 11 people as they prayed inside a Pittsburgh synagogue on the Sabbath. A new NIOT documentary, "Repairing the World: Stories From the Tree of Life," not only shows the extraordinary aftermath where an entire community joined hands to heal, but also examines the threat to democracy and human rights by white extremists." Event Announcement, Columbia Graduate School of Journalism, Ira Lipman Center 

Moderator: CJS Professor Nina Berman

Introduction: CJS Dean Jelani Cobb

Screening: a 20-minute clip from the film

Panel: Patrice O'Neill, documentary director; Charene Zalis, reporter; Tess Owen, senior reporter, Vice news, who covers extremism

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