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Short Films: Ferguson Conversations

Today we introduce a short film series called Ferguson Conversations.

Not In Our Town's film team has been covering events in Ferguson, Missouri following the fatal shooting of unarmed teen Michael Brown by a police officer on Aug. 9. This tragic event has sparked conversations and marches both in the St. Louis area and nationwide. These first two short films shine a light on the community of Ferguson. 

Community Gathers at NAACP Youth March for Michael Brown 

"We want people to understand there's a Ferguson near you."

—NAACP National Youth Work Committee Chair John Gaskin III during the NAACP Youth March on Aug. 23, 2014.

Not In Our Town filmed the NAACP Youth March in Ferguson, MO, just weeks after unarmed teen Michael Brown was fatally shot in this St. Louis suburb. See how the community came together peacefully for this event after weeks of unrest, hear their ideas for the future, and their hope that the events in their town inspire other communities to stand up to injustice and racism.  

Coming Together at Michael Brown's Rebuilt Memorial

"I like the fact that I've seen people of all races come together for Ferguson."

A St. Louis couple comes to Ferguson, MO, six weeks after unarmed teen Michael Brown was shot and killed by a police officer. The memorial for Michael Brown was destroyed by a fire and then rebuilt by the community with handmade signs, balloons, stuffed animals, and a line of roses down the middle of Canfield Drive.

Larry and Erica go to see the rebuilt memorial and pay their respects to Michael Brown, his grieving parents, and the Ferguson community. For Erica, despite the unrest sparked by the fatal shooting, this tragic event has been an opportunity for the largely segregated St. Louis area to connect.

What are your conversations about Ferguson?




We all know Communities are built on relationships, It's who you know in most cases. I often wondered what would have been the outcome of the Michael Brown incident if.... there was a better relationship between the Ferguson Police Department and the residents of Ferguson. Would the outcome be same if Michael and the Officer were on a first name basis?  Not friends, but if they had some kind of basic relationship, positive or not so positive. We are all members of the Human race and we all have a right to be treated with basic respect, so many conflicts have started because of precevied lack of respect.  A solution to building a better relationship between the authortities and residents would be for the residents to go on a ride along with Police officers,  get the opportunity to see what the officers have to deal with during their 8 to 10 hours shifts, share the same vehicle, maybe even have a meal together, building a relationship with one another, developing that basis respect for one another.  

It is my position that Robert McCulloch should not have been allowed to act as the prosecutor in the grand jury as related to his stong family ties to police. His desire to become a cop and the death of his father while on duty as a police officer. I am also very concerned as to why Eric Holder resigned shortly after the Ferguson incident occurred. What happened? 

A new grand jury should reconvene with appointment of a new prosecutor approved by black community leaders and I don't mean Jessie Jackson or Al Sharpton. 

I am alarmed over the statements of the police officer: A two hundred pound, young, trained police officer feared for his life? He would do the same again? And his lack of remorse for taking a young mans life. 

I live in OC WI. Community of the Sikh Temple incident. Here I saw the perversion of truth once the FBI took over. The responding highly trained veteran police officer that failed to follow protcol was made a hero. First reports were another sharp shooter officer shot Wade Page dead. The FBI, Theresa Carlson in charge changed the story even after our police chief verified the shooting by the officer on live press to Wade Page shot himself in the head causing his death. We, the residents were never allowed to ask questions. 


Rosemarie E. Annonson


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