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Red Dot/Green Dot Alert

April 1, 2010 Report

Hate Violence and Community Responses

This week: South Hadley and Boston, MA; Corpus Christi, TX; New York, NY;  Montgomery, AL; Lowell, NC; Coeur D'Alene, ID;  Lake Tahoe and Oakland, CA; Phoenix, AZ.

South Hadley, MA: This week's news of a 15-year-old  girl's suicide  after months of bullying by her schoolmates can leave people  feeling angry and helpless . Not In Our Town provides resources schools can use to promote safety and acceptance, including the inspiring story of one Cleveland school where teens teach younger children how to stand up to bullying. Facing History and Ourselves also offers a wide range of tools for parents, teachers, and schoolchildren.


Boston, MA: High school football star Darryl Williams (pictured above), paraplegic since a hate-inspired shooting in 1979, rose above his tragedy to spend his life as a motivational speaker. "Other people look to me for inspiration," he said. "They get inspiration and strength from me and that makes me feel honored.’’ Williams died this week at 46, acclaimed as a hero.
Corpus Christi, TX: Working to improve the hate crimes reporting gap, police in Corpus Christi learn how to recognize  hate crimes during a one-day training they plan to take to other  departments around the state.
Phoenix, AZ: His death will be remembered: Vigil recalls gay man whose murder four years ago spurred creation of a homeless center for LBGT youth.
New York, NY: Bombing a synagogue is a hate crime, says New York federal court as it rejects the argument of a man convicted in 2000 Bronx synagogue firebombing. The defendant tried to claim hate crime laws only apply to people. Not so, said the judge.
Lake Tahoe, CA:   East Asian activists applaud the hate crime conviction of two men for assaulting a South Indian man.
Montgomery, AL: Number of country’s hate groups approach 1,000, fueled by an 80 percent increase in anti-immigrant vigilante groups.
Oakland, CA: Greek Orthodox Church defaced by swastika is being investigated as a hate crime.
Lowell, NC: An interracial couple (pictured below) in North Carolina, terrorized by hate graffiti and a noose tied around a brick left on the front porch, say they won’t give in to their attackers' cowardice.  "It doesn't matter what color you are white, black, Asian - nobody should go through this," said one of the victims.
 Please let us know what's going on in your town.
And a Shout Out Goes...on this first International Transgender Day of Visibility, Not In Our Town acknowledges San Francisco's own Theresa Sparks (pictured below), executive director of the city's human rights commission, the California legislature's 2003 Woman of the Year, and one of the nation's leading female transgender activists. We're glad to have her as part of the NIOT community!




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