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Red Dot/Green Dot Alert

    Feb. 1 - 15  2010 Report  
            Hate Violence and Community Responses

Portland, ME: Students taking part in the Center for the Prevention of Hate Violence’s Unity Project pledge not only to refrain from stereotyping and hateful speech themselves, but to stand up to such behavior if they witness it.
Santa Barbara, CA: Students at the University of California at Santa Barbara “speak up against hate” in weeklong campus event.
Palm Springs, CA: Two young post-college women bring their Kind Campaign to girls in local schools, urging them to stop bullying each other.
Houston, TX: A Muslim middle-school student whose jaw is broken by classmate says he warned school officials about the bullying weeks before the attack.
Todd and Christian counties, KY: Four teens arrested with robbing 10 Mennonite homes, including holding several of the victims at gunpoint, may face hate crime charges; police believe the families were targeted because of their religion, as part of ongoing violence against this rural Mennonite community.
Colorado Springs, CO: A large cross placed on a pagan worship site at the Air Force Academy is denounced as hate-inspired intimidation of cadets who follow Earth-centered religions; the editor of a local paper urges those who placed the cross to “come forward,” noting that the military is charged with protecting fundamental freedoms, including the freedom to worship.
Modesto, CA: A federal appeals court upheld the conviction of a white man who threatened to hang his African-American neighbor from a tree and burn a cross on his lawn, threats that eventually drove the neighbor to move out of his home.
Pittsburgh, PA: The torture and slaying of a mentally disabled woman may be investigated as a hate crime under new federal guidelines that afford the disabled special protection.

Wheatland, WY: School board members force a high school to remove its “no place for hate” banner because it contains the logo of one of the campaign’s sponsors, the Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado; a local pastor says this sends a dangerous message that gays and lesbians do not deserve the same protection as everyone else.


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