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Not In Our Town Upstander Series: Shelley Krause of NIOT Princeton, NJ

Shelley Krause joined Not In Our Town in Princeton, NJ, through the mentorship of a member of her faith community. She enjoys the monthly conversation series that NIOT-Princeton produces with the local library called the Continuing Conversations on Race and White Privilege. Meetings started out with 10-12 people — "the usual suspects," Shelley says — but then grew to nearly 100 participants. During Covid, she says people have zoomed in for the conversations from all over the country.

"It's been really valuable to make an intentional space in my life for dealing with racial justice and inequity," Shelley says. "For my life and for my work, having partners and a space within which to work has been vital — and I wish that for everybody."


NIOT - Princeton

NIOT-Princeton is a multi-racial, multi-faith group of individuals who stand together for racial justice and inclusive communities. They work with other social justice organizations in their community and have a long and strong partnership with the local public library. They have monthly conversations about race and white privilege. Pre-covid, they had about 60-80 people attend. Now they are doing Zoom events and attendance has risen because of the increase in access. Shelley feels these meetings are successful because they are consistent and they bring in excellent speakers. They also have break-out groups for discussion. Professor Ruha Benjamin from Princeton University has worked with them to create a racial literacy curriculum. They have used various PBS series as part of their work. Every June they have presenters from the local High school’s racial equity class give a presentation. Shelley says "that program is always well attended and received." 


Inspired by Shelley's story?  

Stand up to hate and bullying in your community. Here are three ways you can get involved:

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♦ Start a NIOT chapter in your town. Concerned about divisions in your neighborhood, town or school? Download our Quick Start Guide and learn all the ways you can get involved with the NIOT movement.



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