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Marshalltown, Iowa Hit by Tornado on Thursday

Sad news out of Marshalltown, Iowa, today after a tornado hit the town on Thursday. Miraculously, no one was hurt, but the downtown area was "devastated" after what was described as a "catastrophic tornado." 

Downtown Marshalltown after the tornado. The damage to the court house steeple can be seen in the background. (Photo courtesy of Marshalltown Times Republican)


Just last week, we posted our video about Marshalltown resident Mike Schlesinger, a NIOT upstander who founded our local chapter there. Mike had recently retired from his position of publisher of the Marshalltown Times Republican (known locally as the T-R) newspaper. Despite damage to the building where the paper is located, they were able to get out an edition today with pictures of the widespread damage. They are also updating their Facebook page with new photos from readers and stories about the storm damage. 

In an article about the storm damage, particularly to Main Street and many of the businesses along it, the T-R reports: "However, Marshalltown carries on. This event will not destroy Marshalltown or its people. Despite this sudden and shattering act of nature, spirits remained high throughout town as the road to recovery began. Mere minutes after the tornado struck, a number of people along Main Street were seen checking on their neighbors, family and friends and began sawing plywood to place over broken windows and doors."

Our hearts go out to Mike and the people of Marshalltown after this terrible tragedy. Please feel free to add your comments on our Facebook page. We'll be collecting messages of concern and wishes for the town. 



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