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Marshalltown, IA Launches Not In Our Town Campaign

On Sunday, the citizens of Marshalltown, Iowa launched a united effort to help stop bullying before tragedy strikes. 

The citywide Not In Our Town campaign is organized by an anti-bullying committee comprised of community, education, civic and law enforcement leaders. This core group of 25 were brought together by the Marshalltown Times-Republican. Through a series of film screenings, community events, and public speakers, the campaign aims to bring all forms of bullying to light to make Marshalltown a safe and inclusive city.

"We want to see if we can be ahead of the curve as a community in preventing bullying," said Mike Schlesinger, publisher of the Times-Republican, said in a June 3 article. "We want to look at ways to prevent school bullying, but also workplace bullying, domestic violence and other types of bullying among adults."

According to the Times-Republican, a youth survey showed that 41 percent of the city's students had been bullied in the last 30 days, and 11 percent of those students didn't go to school because they felt unsafe. 

Learn more about Marshalltown's anti-bullying campaign here.

Stay tuned for more developments on Marshalltown's exciting work. At right: One of a series of ads that will run in the Times-Republican.


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