Communications Strategies: Standing Up to Hate

March NIOT Conversation: Communications Strategies for Communities Standing Up to Hate

Recorded on March 24, 2021

NIOT Virtual Conversation: Communications Strategies for Communities Standing Up to Hate

The rise in Anti-Asian hate provided an urgent frame for this discussion for NIOT communities (new and existing) and any community groups standing up to hate. Pardeep Kaleka, Grande Lum, Yamuna Hopwood (Chinese for Affirmative Action) and Kenney Tran (#IAmNotAVirus) talked about the needs of targeted communities and effective responses. Communications strategies were presented by Project Over Zero's Rachel Brown and Samantha Owen. 

  • Responding to Anti-Asian Hate. Methods for Responding and Messaging for the Community.  
  • Communications Advice: Do's and Don'ts and sample messaging resources.
  • Building structures for your stakeholder groups that are on-going, including building relationships within your community and working with law enforcement.
  • Ideas for activities that you can do on a regular basis to nurture relationships and community engagement outside of crisis moments.
  • A Call to Journalists to Engage — Message from Helene Biandudi Hofer from Solutions Journalism.

Moderators include America's Peacemakers author Grande Lum, NIOT's Patrice O'Neill and Pardeep Kaleka of the Interfaith Conference of Greater Milwaukee.


Download a PDF of Project Over Zero's 'Do's and Don'ts' presentation. OZ also created a resource last April on pandemics and advice about counteracting dangerous narratives, Access the full guide and a summary here.


Stop AAPI Hate website



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