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How to Respond to Hate: Stop Hate Action Kits

Not In Our Town Presents Stop Hate Action Kits 

For Communities, Schools, College Campuses, and Law Enforcement

We are heartbroken over the mass shootings in El Paso, TX and Dayton, OH, and within our own Not In Our Town communities, we continue to hear about a dangerous spike in hate crimes, bias incidents, and anti-immigrant and racist hate speech across the country. White nationalist groups are disseminating flyers and gathering on college campuses and city streets; Muslim and Jewish communities are being targeted for graffiti, verbal assaults, and devastating attacks; and Latinx, LGBTQ, and immigrant residents are experiencing increased vulnerability and threats of physical violence.

In response to this crisis, Not In Our Town presents a series of online Stop Hate Action Kits to help communities, schools, college campuses, and law enforcement agencies demonstrate support for targeted groups and all residents, accurately report and consistently respond to incidents, and proactively create welcoming, inclusive environments. These free resources provide diverse community leaders and residents with practical tools and strategies, drawn from essential NIOT resources and critical third-party materials. Produced in collaboration with Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, the Stop Hate Action Kits can be used to help cities and school communities:

  • Effectively respond to incidents;
  • Develop programming that reinforces core values of inclusion, respect, and safety for all;
  • Lead trainings on prevention, response, and accurate reporting; and
  • Sustain long-term commitments to building resilience and combating hate and intolerance.

Stop Hate Action Kit for Communities


For community leaders, local government officials, and everyday residents, this kit includes:

  • Sample statements for civic leaders to respond to incidents
  • Advice and inspiring local stories of action when hate groups come to town
  • Proactive strategies to help cultivate safe, inclusive spaces
  • Videos and other resources for use in community events

and much more.

Access the community kit online or via mobile now.

Stop Hate Action Kit for Schools


For school leaders, educators, staff, and parents, this kit includes:

  • Strategies for building a positive school climate
  • Advice for responding quickly to individual and school-wide incidents
  • Key definitions and examples of bullying and bias-based behaviors
  • Videos and other resources for lessons and school-wide campaigns to inspire students to be Upstanders

and much more.

Access the school kit online or via mobile now.

Stop Hate Action Kit for College Campuses


For administrators, faculty, and students, this kit includes:

  • Sample statements in response to bias incidents and acts of hate
  • Advice for accurately reporting hate incidents
  • Recommendations for preventing and responding to hate on campus
  • Best practices for being an ally to targeted students and groups
  • Inspiring local examples of campuses standing up to hate and intolerance

and much more.

Access the campus kit online or via mobile now.

Stop Hate Action Kit for Law Enforcement


For law enforcement leaders and officers, training academies, and criminal justice programs, this kit includes:

  • Model protocols for hate crime reporting
  • Stories of agencies leading meaningful changes in their towns
  • Videos and other resources for use in trainings and community outreach activities
  • Recommended practices for protecting free expression and public safety during events
  • Strategies for building trust and strengthening relationships with diverse communities

and much more.

Access the law enforcement kit online or via mobile now.

Help strengthen Not In Our Town’s national movement against hate!

Share your experience: What is happening in your community right now? Can you share a strategy or activity that helped your town address hate and bias and express values of inclusion and diversity?

Ask for assistance: Contact us with any questions about using the Stop Hate Action Kits in your community and/or inquiries about other Not In Our Town resources.

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