First Time on the Site? Here's How to Get Started. | Not in Our Town

First Time on the Site? Here's How to Get Started.

Not In Our Town was created by and for people in local communities who are finding new and better ways for everyone to feel accepted and welcome.

Unfortunately, many towns and schools were introduced to Not In Our Town because of a hate crime. In the face of these crimes, some inspiring and creative actions have helped build a new sense of community. Other areas have launched local and school-based groups that are taking proactive steps to prevent hate crimes. No matter what sparked the action, we have so much to learn from the steps these people have taken. That¹s why The Working Group created this site.

Here's an overview of how the Not In Our Town site works, and how you can participate:

The Map shows us where hate crimes are happening, but more importantly, it's a place to find stories of people standing up to intolerance. Click on the red dots to learn about acts of hate. Click the green dots to view videos and stories of how individuals and groups are responding. Share what you're doing to fight hate, and you can earn a green dot on the map.

The Groups: There are amazing local organizations that are already engaged in community-building and anti-hate activities. If your group, school, civic leaders, city, or public television station wants to share events, photos, videos and ideas, form or join a group and get a free and easy-to-update web presence to help you connect with and learn from others.

Local Lessons provide first-person accounts of how people across the country are addressing intolerance and building safe, inclusive communities. But this part of the site will only become more powerful when you add your thoughts and your own lessons. We encourage you to comment on current lessons and share your story on your Group's page.

The Blog is an ongoing story about the latest efforts to fight hate -- the breakthroughs and victories, as well as troubling trends that the NIOT community is trying to address. Please share your stories and your local concerns in the comments area after each post. Want to be a guest blogger? We'd love to talk to you. Email us!

The Videos: Can a film help people change their town? Yes it can. The original Not In Our Town film is a perfect example. You can see a short version of the Billings story here, or order a DVD copy. Now, there are dozens of Not In Our Town videos. Each of these short films provides an inspiring story that can help spark a brainstorming session in your school or community. Use these videos straight from the web, or order a DVD from The Working Group. We'll have more videos available to purchase online soon.

There are so many obstacles that can stop us from taking action. But the people in the stories you¹ll find here didn¹t stop when they faced a painful or difficult moment. They faced the challenges of prejudice, they stood up, they kept going. The paths they forged can help guide others. But ultimately, the map to a more inclusive (hate free) future is a map we all have to create together.

Make your mark. We can't wait to see what you do next -- and share it with the world.

If you have questions about how the site works, we're here to help. Feel free to email our team or share your question in the comments below.




Wow this site is fantastic. good job patrice.


Andrea T

We need this website -- with its reassuring tone, reaffirming message, and practical advice on how to respond to hate -- more than ever.  Thank you. 

Julie M

Thanks so much for your comments about the site. I'm so happy you found it valuable!

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