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DeMonte: Ambassador Against Bullying


In the latest video for National Bullying Prevention month, we showcase a truly extraordinary upstander, DeMonte. 

Sixth grader DeMonte is bullied by his peers for his short size, high-pitched voice, and hanging out with girls. But instead of allowing the teasing to bring him down, it empowers him to become a Safe School Ambassador in his middle school.
Safe School Ambassadors, a program of Community Matters, uses the social skills of influential students to create positive change in schools. Students are more likely to listen to their peers than to adults, says Community Matters founder Rick Phillips in the video. DeMonte and other student ambassadors role model upstander behavior for the rest of the student body, creating a safe and bully-free culture on campus.
This film is accompanied by a lesson plan. You can find more videos and lesson plans, which align with the Common Core State Standards and the California Health Content Standards, and help your students become an upstander with the Not In Our School Anti-Bullying Quick Start Guide.

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