Class Actions Video Extra—Bloomington United: Ready to Respond to Hate | Not in Our Town

Class Actions Video Extra—Bloomington United: Ready to Respond to Hate

"Part of the motivation of these attacks is to isolate those who they are attacking. To make the victims feel victimized. But thanks to the response of Bloomington United and the community we are made to feel that this is an attack not only on us but the values of the whole community." —Bloomington, Indiana resident

Bloomington United

Watch Bloomington United: Ready to Respond to Hate

After Ku Klux Klan flyers blanket an Indiana University campus neighborhood, Rabbi Sue Silberberg leads Bloomington United as they plan a community response.

This is a DVD extra from the PBS program, Not In Our Town: Class Actions. For more information on the film, visit


Im sorry but most of the adults here are bullies themselves. I have never been more ostracized nor bullied in my life as I have been by Hoosiers. Everyone I talk to about the situation to, from Seattle, Wa to Berlin Germany thinks its an abnormal amount of bullying for adults and it is not normal at all. The only conclusion we have come up with is that this area is a small area and there is a lot of gossip and adult cliques that in a more larger diversified area wouldnt have as much influence over one another. The real question is doesn't anyone think for themselves here? Who cares about some nonsense drummed up by some former cheerleader or fall festival queen grow up and move on with your life.

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