Class Actions PBS Premiere: Feb. 13 | Not in Our Town

Class Actions PBS Premiere: Feb. 13

Watch the Class Actions opening scene 

Not In Our Town: Class Actions premieres Monday, Feb. 13. Tune in and join the movement to stop hate and bullying.

Not In Our Town Talk About It
1. Spread the word

Tell your friends, colleagues and family about the program. Spread the word via your social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter. 
Learn more about the program at
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2. Tune in

 Many PBS stations will begin airing Class Actions tonight. 
You can search for TV listings by zip code. Find out when it's airing in your town. 
After the broadcast, go to to talk about the film. 


Screening3. Schedule a screening in your town or school
Screenings are an opportunity to talk about, prevent, and take action around issues of hate and bullying. 
School and community screening hosts can use our comprehensive screening kit and lesson plans


Hello Friends,

Last January, I got a phone call from the Indiana History Museum.  They wanted to do an exhibit about my mother and our family.  They had found a 1950 photo of my mother and tracked me down to help them create "1950: Making a Jewish Home" an interactive experience where actors portray the real people in an historical photo.  They were amazed to hear our family story of life in Poland, surviving the Holocaust and coming to American in 1949.  This exhibit opened in October 2011 and will continue until September 2012.  The exhibit starts with the traditional photos and printed text to tell of the history of Jews in Europe, Poland, the Holocaust, my parents' story of survival, information of Judaism and Kashrut. Thousands of visitors have come into the re-creation of our family kitchen.  When people enter the kitchen, they meet and talk with live actors who play my parents and other important people in our lives at the time.  The staff did extensive research to make this a most authentic and educational exhibit.  They have also developed valuable curricula to be used in middle school and high school to prepare students for their visit to the museum and to help process the learning that happens afterwards.

If you are interested in finding out more about this incredible museum is influencing and educating people, please contact me and I will send you several documents that will help you see how amazing it all is. 

I honestly believe that the making of this exhibit could be the subject of another documentary film.


Rosie Kaplan

(510) 708-3241

i think what yall are doing is amazing. there is so much hate that needs to go away, but it seems to keep building. how can we stop it all together?

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