From Billings, MT: Join Me in Supporting Not In Our Town | Not in Our Town

From Billings, MT: Join Me in Supporting Not In Our Town

Eran Thompson, NIOT BillingsMy name is Eran Thompson; I serve as Board Chairman for Not In Our Town Billings. The story of my community's stand against hate was the spark for the worldwide movement that is Not In Our Town.'s contribution to this movement: documenting the stories, creating videos that tell the stories, discussion guides, blog posts, etc. have become an invaluable asset in my organization's work to create a safe, inclusive community.

Last month, I visited the Not In Our Town offices in Oakland. We talked at length about how to expand the Not In Our Town Network and movement. As a leader of one of the NIOT communities, I pledged the following:

  1. Pledge $10 per month to support Not In Our Town engagement incommunity and schools.
  2. Share this letter and the Not In Our Town summer appeal with my personal network by email, Facebook and Twitter.
  3. To hold a joint fundraising event or Not In Our Town house party to promote awareness and conversations around stopping hate and bullying in our community this year.

Will you, your organization, and your community join me in supporting the work of Not In Our Town?

Like me, you have seen the undeniable power of the human spirit when ordinary people come together to stop hate. The way that the Billings story inspired your community, your story and the story of your communities-inspires us. It's how the story of me and the story of you, becomes the story of us.  
Thanks to Not In Our Town, we have a tool to help us spread and share that story. I pledge to do all that I can to help grow that story of us.

Join me and my community now in supporting the work of Not In Our Town.

Yours in action,

Eran Thompson
Chair, Not In Our Town Billings


As Mayor,  a participant and supporter of Not In Our Town the positive effects have been huge!  It has brought the community and people together for a common cause and a better quality of life.

Thomas Hanel, Mayor

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