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Become a News Source for Not In Our Town

 Become a Source for Public Insight Network

Here at Not In Our Town, we believe that the most interesting things that are happening are on the ground, in communities big and small across the country. In our 15 years of covering the anti-hate movement, we have witnessed ordinary people do extraordinary things again and again. 

In order to better capture your stories, we have joined the Public Insight Network (PIN), an incredible tool that allows you to share your thoughts, stories, ideas, and reactions to inform the work of Not In Our Town's film and print publications. As a source, you will join 100,000+ smart, connected people who help reporters uncover trends, find stories missed by others and produce great coverage. 

We have partnered with Fronteras: The Changing America Desk, a public radio collective in the Southwest and KQED in San Francisco on our first PIN questionnaires. 

Here's what we're asking: 

How have you seen your community come together in the face of adversity?  

How safe do you feel in your community?  

Do hate crimes happen where you live?  

If any of these topics interest you, click through and share your story. 

Everything you share will be read by journalists only, and your responses are confidential unless you tell us we may publish them. If you know of anyone else who might like to share their story, please forward this page to them. 

Not interested in either of these topics but would like us to contact you about future stories? Become a source here.  

Read more about the Public Insight Network here. 

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