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Anti-bullying Launch Assembly: Not In Our School Style

By Becki Cohn-Vargas, Not In Our School Director 

Schools love to do anti-bullying assemblies to motivate the student body. Students may learn in motivational assemblies, but change can only happen when assemblies are part of a long-term plan with students in the driver’s seat.

Not In Our School designed a model for a student-led assembly that can be carried out in any school, youth group, or community. The assembly incorporates the Not In Our School Core Principles with students taking the lead in addressing bullying and intolerance. Students learn to be upstanders and work toward an accepting and identity safe school environment with the support of the larger community.

This assembly was successfully piloted in two schools. The guide provides step-by-step tools to design your school assembly. Feel free to customize it to your needs. And the good news is: it does not cost a penny.

Not In Our School now offers the Anti-Bullying Launch Assembly Kit, including:

Click here to get the free Not In Our School Anti-Bullying Launch Assembly Kit.

This is a great accompaniment to the Not In Our School Anti-Bullying Quick Start Guide. Get new resources and videos for your school by signing up for the Not In Our School eNews.


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