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Resources for College Campuses

Our original Not In Our Town film sparked a movement and citizens across the United States came together to stop hate in their respective communities. For some this meant unifying their towns and for some it meant unifying their campuses. 

On this page you'll find a small sampling of some of these student-created programs that have been implemented on other campuses. With these examples to guide you, join colleges across the country that are saying Not In Our House, Not In Our Hall, and Not On Our Campus.


Examples of Action:

Photo: Univ. of Cali., Santa Barbara's students sport Not In Our Hall t-shirts at a school event.

  • University of California-Santa Barbara created a Not In Our Hall guide, which outlines a program for Resident Assistants and Directors that promotes inclusiveness and acceptance of others in the residence halls and the surrounding campus community. The university also hosted a "Stand Up to Hate" campaign.
  • University of California-Riverside created a Hate/Bias Response Team, which organizes "Stop the Hate" week, an annual event educating the campus about issues of diversity and discrimination.
  • Takeo Rivera, a resident assistant at Stanford University, discusses how students can raise awareness about campus acts of intolerance in an interview about the anti-Asian backlash to which his dorm was subject.
  • Skidmore College in Sarasota Springs, N.Y. created Not In Our Campus campaign stickers and pledge cards to remind students to speak out against intolerance. Their efforts were in response to hate messages and graffiti discovered in campus dorms.


Other Universities That Have Taken Action:

The following colleges were among those who created groups, hosted screenings and workshops, and held rallies. Many other college students—from Bloomington, Ind. to Modesto, Calif.—joined community organizations in the fight against hate.

Photo: Skidmore College students march.

  • Michigan State University
  • University of South Alabama
  • Knox College (Illinois)
  • University of Akron (Ohio)
  • University of Utah
  • University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
  • Cornell University
  • Ithaca College
  • University of Wisconsin
  • John Carroll University (Ohio)


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i think that you guys are great and you should keep up the good work!!! thank you for all that yall do to make this a better world!!!

From Scarlett Furman

As a staff member who has worked at University for almost 15 years, I have  experienced prejudice and negative behavior from faculty and professional staff directed at me personally.  This is often due to the fact that, in this system, some of those who have completed their college degree feel far superior than those who have not.  They act as if it is important to maintain their myopic world view and if someone is not "a scientist" or a "professor", then they should be looked down upon, kept in their place, judged unfairly or discounted.  Someone once called this "chopping off the heads of others in order to appear taller". 

I have also experienced great respect from certain high level faculty at this University and been treated as a peer.  This was not only due to my over 30 years of experience in working at Universities and my many accomplishments outside of achieving college credit; it was also due to the fact that this faculty person had dignity, self respect, and compassion along with an ever expanding world-view.

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