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Help Bolster Anti-Hate Efforts Nationwide

Oak Creek, Wisconsin after shootings at Sikh templeOak Creek, Wisconsin. Photo by Jennell Jenney.

We could have never guessed a single story would launch a movement. Nearly 20 years ago, The Working Group sent a film crew to Billings, MT, to document a story about ordinary people who stood up for their neighbors when they were under attack by white supremacists.

After attacks on a Native American woman’s house, an African-American church, and a Jewish family’s home, the entire town refused to be silent and fearful. They stood up together and said, "Not In Our Town." That statement, an affirmation of a community standing up to hate, became the title of our landmark media and engagement project, “Not In Our Town.”
Not In Our Town changed the way we at The Working Group made films, and it changed the way we thought about the process of community transformation. The Billings story opened up a conversation about how we deal with hate crimes. Few states had hate crime laws back then; it was an issue that often surfaced but was not dealt with. The Billings story demonstrated that the responsibility for dealing with intolerance lies with all of us.

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Coast to coast, towns and cities followed in Billings’ footsteps. For two decades, we have been filming, sharing stories and tools, and helping to empower communities. Our films broadcast nationally on PBS, and nearly 100 short films and countless resources are available free on To continue to provide inspiration and anti-hate action opportunities for people and communities everywhere, we need your help!
Your donation will support:
  • New films and tools geared toward ending racism, homophobia and religious intolerance
  • Hands-on engagement and training for communities-in-crisis
  • Step-by-step community guides that bring together nearly 20 years of NIOT experience to bolster anti-hate efforts nationwide

Please donate now to help us provide these important tools and resources for communities. Not In Our Town is a project of The Working Group, a non-profit corporation. All donations are fully tax deductible.


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