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Repairing Hearts After Hate Attacks

Auto Body Shop Owner Repairs Hearts After Hate Attack

“Auto Body Shop Owner Repairs Hearts After Hate Attack” features Quality Auto Paint & Body owner Richard Henegar, who hears that a local college student is the victim of an anti-gay hate attack and decides to help. Not only does Richard repair Jordan Addison's vandalized car, he brings his entire community together. Talk show host Ellen DeGeneres featured the two men on her 10th season premiere. Richard is also honored by his alma mater, Lord Botetourt High School who highlighted how one person can make a difference.

More recently, Jordan graduated from college and was hired as a teacher in ALaska. He decided to pay it forward and gave his car to a family in the community before he left.


Learn more about Richard and Jordan. Jordan talks about his experience in “Targeted College Student Works for Campus Safety” and Richard details his inspiring work in “Roanoke to Hollywood: Saving the World, One C.A.R at a Time.”


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