Spread The Pledge: Companies | Not in Our Town

Spread The Pledge: Companies

Pledge to stop bullying, hate, and violence today.

Bring the Pledge to Your Company

What can YOUR company do to help create safe, inclusive communities?

1. Sign and spread the Golden State Warriors Not On Our Ground Pledge at your company:

  • Set up a table at your corporate headquarters and encourage your employees to sign the pledge.
  • Spread the pledge to your employees via intranet and internal company communications.
  • Extend the partnership with the Golden State Warriors and Not In Our Town and encourage your customers to take the pledge through social media, twitter, email and other communications.

2. Create a pledge-signing day at your company:

Challenge different departments or teams to take the pledge and see which department can collect the most pledges.

3. Gather your co-workers and watch a Not In Our Town film during lunch or after work. Filmmakers will introduce the film and spark a thought-provoking discussion.


4. Encourage employees to organize viewing parties for the Golden State Warriors home game the week of April 13: Warriors vs. the Memphis Grizzlies. Have attendees take the pledge to align their support with the Golden State Warriors and Not In Our Town.

5. Organize a lunchtime dialogue circle for your team, department or office about the meaning of the pledge. What can we do to support our young people, neighbors or colleagues who are targeted for their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation or ability? Download a short discussion guide from Not In Our Town.


For more information, resources and assistance in taking action and joining the Not On Our Ground, Not In Our Town movement, please contact Stacey Silver: staceysilver@gmail.com. Not On Our Ground is a partnership between the Golden State Warriors, Adobe and Not In Our Town. For a downloadable PDF version of these steps, please click here.