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What is Not In Our School

Grade Level: 
Elementary (K-5)
High School (9-12)

 Description: This video provides a brief overview of the purpose and goals of NIOS. It includes brief interviews with Patrice O’Neill, founder of NIOT and other NIOS leaders and offers examples from schools that have taken action to end bias, harassment, bullying and create safer school environments.

Directions: After viewing the video, engage students in a discussion using some or all of the following questions:
    What do you notice about NIOS and how it works?
    How do you think NIOS can be used to address bullying or intolerance in a school community?
    Do you agree with the idea that it is human nature to categorize and stereotype other people? If so, how do we stop ourselves from acting on our stereotypes or biases?
    Do you agree with the statement “silence equals acceptance” in the face of bias or bullying? Why or why not?
    What student activities on film drew your attention?
    How could you see implementing NIOS in our school or district?


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