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Who Cares? I Do! Here's Why...

Grade Level: 
Middle School (6-8)
High School (9-12)

Who Cares? I Do! Here's Why...

Who cares about standing up to hate and intolerance? The Not in Our Town Project team posed this question to students, teachers and community leaders of all different backgrounds, who all responded in no uncertain terms, "I do!" Hear from others committed in the fight against hate and join the conversation by videotaping and sharing your own answer on our YouTube channel. (2:01)

Discussion Questions:


  1. Why do you think the person who made this video chose to have so many different people and stories shown?
  2. Was there a particular story or message that stood out for you from the video? Explain.
  3. Everyone in the video shared that they cared about combating hate and explained why. Do we all care about combating hate too? Let’s talk about our reasons why. (Consider charting the responses to post in the classroom to reinforce this message with students.)



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