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Eliza Riley - ADVOCATE

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Eliza Riley - ADVOCATE

At the anniversary of the American Disabilities Act, a group of disability rights advocates march in solidarity to assert their rights as Americans and human beings. Many are here because of the work of Eliza Riley, a disability rights advocate in Silicon Valley, who has developed a youth leadership program for people with disabilities.

Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, Eliza lived the life of a normal American teen until she was confronted by a peer with a derogatory term. The pain she felt stayed with her and empowered her to advocate on behalf of others with disabilities.

Loud & Proud - their motto - has carried Eliza and her fellow advocates to remain visible and influential. Through her youth leadership program, Eliza has given a sense of identity, community, and strength to a new generation of people with disabilities, and has witnessed many of them develop into successful, happy, visible, and productive members of society. 
This video is part of a series produced by Not In Our School's parent company, The Working Group, for the Institute for Advancing Unity. This series focus on extraordinary people whose personal choices have inspired others to join in tremendous collective achievements. 
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Series Executive Producer: Edith Crawford
Concept Designer: Stephanie Francis
CEO, Institute for Advancing Unity: Dr. Robert M. Harris, Ph.D.


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