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After Cross Burning - A Town Marches Together


Hi everyone,

 Here is  a video we made a couple years ago  which is an excerpt from Not In Our Town Northern California. It talks about that happened after the  cross burning and how your community members responded. We wanted to be sure to share the video with you. Please feel free to share your comments in the comment field.


- Kirthi/ Not In Our Town Multimedia Producer


Additional coverage of this story may be found at


The Shasta County Citizens Against Racism appreciate the work of th Redding Police Department in this case, and in keeping our community safe.

Thanks for sharing those articles, Tom!

Excerpt from Redding Record-Searchlight story of 2-6-10:


Gallagher, 18, is the first recipient of the Isaac Lowe Civil Rights and Social Justice Scholarship, awarded last year by the Shasta County Citizens Against Racism (SCCAR).

Gallagher's involvement in social causes dates to her time at Shasta High School in Redding, where she was active in Students Against Genocide. Members of the group, which worked to draw attention to the war in Darfur in western Sudan, made a presentation to SCCAR several years ago.

Full story is at::

Chris easley was a meth addict, far from a "white supremacist" how can someone who uses drugs lives with his parents and have not a job nor any job skills be supreme? He obviously has a mental disorder. I find it disturbing that this site and the media is exploiting a retarded man to further its aims. Id like to see your organization do something productive like maybe warn those that have children of near by sex offenders. Just a thought. There is no need to worry the true 'white supremacists' in Shasta County do not go around commiting random pointless crimes against non-whites, we are too busy going to work and trying to raise our families. But you will never stop idiots like Chris untill the meth problem in this county is addressed. Just another tweaker ex con with a swastika tattoo, hardly anything superior about him.

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