National Leadership Gathering 2014: Agenda | Not in Our Town

National Leadership Gathering 2014: Agenda

National Leadership Gathering

Outline of Gathering Events*

*subject to change

Friday, June 20th

  • Registration and check-in at The Northern Hotel
  • Not In Our School Pre-Conference (Get more info here)
  • Not In Our Town & DOJ Community Oriented Policing Services Welcome Screening: Waking in Oak Creek
  • 20th Anniversary Exhibit at the Western Heritage Center

Saturday, June 21st

  • Launch of the Gold Star Cities Campaign, including interactive discussions with leaders from upcoming Gold Star Cities
  • Problem Solving Working Groups covering the topics of building diverse leadership, building community trust in law enforcement and determining the role of media and social media in addressing hate crimes
  • Panel discussion with mayors committed to building safe, inclusive communities
  • Presentation: The Hate Crime Reporting Gap by Not In Our Town and law enforcement leaders
  • Presentation: Building law enforcement and community collaboration
  • Presentation: How to launch effective and sustainable anti-bullying campaigns
  • Youth working groups that engage youth perspectives in anti-bullying and hate prevention
  • An Evening of Films: Screenings of the original 1995 Not In Our Town film and the 2014 documentary featuring the proactive efforts of Marshalltown, IA

Sunday, June 22nd

  • Presentation: Local communities that have faced hate in its myriad forms
  • Solution sharing and idea exchange forums
  • Working groups for local leaders in schools, law enforcement, business, arts & media, faith groups, and the civic sector
  • Individual and community pledges to stop hate and build more inclusive communities